2012 Food Trends – Is New Zealand in the Sweet Spot?

Beautiful Meat from the Victor Churchill Butcher in Sydney.

The finest meat experience in the world at Victor Churchill. Source:Aliceson Robinson

What trends that New Zealand exporters of fresh and packaged food and ingredients need to be looking out for in 2012? Trend watchers around the world have announced their predictions of what will be influencing consumers’ food decisions in 2012. So, are there common factors across New Zealand’s key markets?

“Do food trends follow appetites for taste and profit across national boundaries and are they the same in different parts of the world?” A survey of predictions from food commentators in the highly developed food cultures of USA, UK and Australia reveals there is a commonality in the issues that food producers and marketers can tap into as they position their products for the discerning public.

Every market has a distinct food culture and is affected by variables as wide as what the local specialties are to the ethnic cultures that make up the  communities, geographic location and economy. However it is clear that consumers focus on many of the same issues when it comes to choosing the
what, where and how of eating. So in no particular order here is a survey of what food consumers are thinking about in USA, UK and Australia heading in to 2012.

  • Local food
  • Home cooking
  • At home dining occasions
  • Home rituals
  • Family dinner
  • Portion control
  • Three squares
  • Prescriptive eating
  • Mood food anddrinks
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Grass fed meat
  • Authentic offerings
  • Farm to Fork
  • Culinary Crusading
  • Food security
  • Real butter
  • Sea salt
  • Foodie focussed
  • Gourmet convenience
  • Casual dining
  • South American food

    In 2012 the healthy, safe, whole food revolution combined with new habits that have evolved in response to economic austerity are building and expanding on recent themes of food safety, organics and sustainability. Dining habits are changing with thrift becoming fashionable and the importance of food and family coming to the fore. People are still looking for fantastic food experiences but they are as interested in creating it themselves out of real ingredients as going to a restaurant. Expectations for quality in convenience foods are increasing and people are looking for real foods that are healthy and a balanced diet rather than looking to supplement their diets with extracts and imported oddities regardless of how exotic.

For exporters from the New Zealand premium ‘food bowl’ these trends are exciting. As a leader in the production of nutritious, wholesome, sustainable, high quality food it would appear that the time has come for New Zealand to promote its position as a leader in supplying and embedding these positive eating habits.

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